Enhancing HDI Global’s ELTO system

How we helped to deliver improved insights, processes and decision making

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Enhancing the ELTO system

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Project capabilities we delivered:

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HDI Global, a leading insurance provider, embarked on a critical project to enhance their Employer’s Liability Tracing Office (ELTO) system. Stellarmann were appointed to help build the delivery team.

Our client's challenge

The ELTO system plays a pivotal role in tracking and managing employer liability claims, ensuring compliance, and providing actionable insights for the business. Our team of business intelligence (BI) developers and data analysts was entrusted with this mission-critical initiative.

The primary objective of the ELTO project was to design, develop and deliver high-quality technical MI/BI solutions that align with HDI Global’s business needs. These solutions would empower decision-makers with accurate, timely, and actionable information related to employer liability claims.

Our response

Our team engaged in the following activities:

1. Data analysis and services

  • Collaborated with stakeholders to understand business requirements.
  • Designed and developed MI/BI solutions across multiple platforms.
  • Ensured alignment with the client's 2021, 2022, and 2023 change agenda.

2. High-level MI/BI designs

  • Created architectural designs that adhered to quality assurance and data governance principles.
  • Translated business requirements into logical and physical data designs.

3. Design/test documentation

  • Prepared comprehensive design and test documentation.
  • Documented technical specifications as required by the client.

4. Agile development and testing

  • Implemented end-to-end agile development practices.
  • Conducted component testing and supported test cycles leading to production deployment.

5. Collaboration

  • Worked closely with IT developers, Quality Assurance teams, and external suppliers.
  • Ensured seamless delivery of solutions by addressing dependencies and interdependencies.

Examples of deliverables

1. Liability MI

  • Objective: Provide insights into employer liability claims.
  • Solution: Developed MI reports and dashboards that track liability claims trends, severity, and patterns.

2. Motor client bordereaux MI

  • Objective: Monitor motor insurance claims data.
  • Solution: Designed and implemented MI solutions specific to motor insurance clients, including bordereaux reports.

3. Breach/exception reporting

  • Objective: Identify breaches or exceptions in claims processing.
  • Solution: Created automated reports that highlight anomalies, ensuring timely corrective actions.

4. UK insight reporting

  • Objective: Provide actionable insights for the UK market.
  • Solution: Designed country-specific MI reports and visualizations.

5. AU insight reporting

  • Objective: Deliver insights for the Australian market.
  • Solution: Developed MI solutions tailored to the Australian context.

6. Building and maintaining insight dashboards

  • Objective: Enable self-service analytics.
  • Solution: Designed and maintained interactive dashboards for business users.
The outcome

The ELTO system enhancements empowered HDI Global with real-time insights, streamlined processes, and improved decision-making. Our BI developers and data analysts played a crucial role in delivering a robust and scalable solution that aligned with HDI Global’s strategic vision.

"Stellarmann’s ability to provide seasoned professionals with a financial model that motivates them to engage and deliver on time, makes the whole proposition an exciting relationship between the client and vendor."
Arvind Drubhra Director of Operations

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