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Someone thinks highly of you and has suggested you send us your details so we can help you find your next contract engagement. Stellarmann builds project teams for some of the country's leading insurers and financial services organisations, as well as government departments. We're keen to hear from experienced specialists with skills relevant to technology and change programmes.

Many of our contracts are outside IR35, thanks to our unique fully contracted-out service model. Typically, 80% of your pay is based on time and materials (T&M) and 20% is paid when you achieve your deliverables.

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Send us your details and your CV if you've got an up to date version available. Don't forget to include the name of the friend who recommended us.

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Why choose Stellarmann
Values Collaboration

Real input

You shape your deliverables with us. You won’t be dependent on third parties or the end-client.

Values Delivery

Regular payments

You’ll be paid for meeting your deliverables usually every 4-8 weeks, not at the end of the engagement. We’ve signed up to the Prompt Payment code and have a superstar finance team.

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Chance to earn more

If you take some time off but still achieve your deliverables, you’ll receive your pay irrespectively. In effect this means you can be better off than if you’re just working on a day rate. The same applies if you finish your deliverables earlier than expected.

Values Quality

Progress monitoring

Your Engagement Delivery Manager will check in with you to see how you’re progressing, helping to get client sign off or manage any delays.

Values Integrity

Calculated risk

It’s rare for our clients to not accept that a deliverable has been achieved at all. If there’s a query, it’s most likely to end up with a short delay in payment. Nothing worse.

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Ever worked on a contract where you ended up feeling like part of the furniture, with no-one taking much interest in what you were doing? Working with Stellarmann means apathy rarely kicks in and associates find purpose from meaningful outcomes.

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What do our associates enjoy about working with us?

From sharpening up skills via fellow team members, to the motivation of our payment model, our associates explain why they give working with Stellarmann a big thumbs up.

Ready. Set. Go.

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