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How do I get paid?


Susie Lee-Kilgariff

Group Head of Marketing

Ah, the all-important question. Here's how it works.

At the end of each month, you will need to submit a timesheet in the Stellarmann InTime portal for the hours you've worked. You can find a link to this from the associates page of this website. You may also need to submit an invoice in your end client's timesheet portal as well; we will let you know if this is the case. 

If you are due a payment having completed a deliverable, you will also need to submit your client-approved deliverable milestone content to the support team at Stellarmann and your Engagement Delivery Manager (EDM). 

Once you have submitted one or both, you have a choice of raising and sending an invoice to Stellarmann, or using our self service billing option. Most people prefer the self service billing option, so we'll start with that. It cuts down on the admin at your end, making life a bit easier.

Option 1 - Self service billing

We will generate your invoice(s) and email it to you, once we have all your authorised timesheets and deliverables approved for that month. The self service billing option is a completely free service that we offer to all our associates.

If you want to choose this option, please just make sure you complete and sign the Self-Billing Agreement Form on the InTime portal.

Option 2 - Manual invoicing

If you prefer to keep control of your invoicing as the director of your limited company, you can submit your invoice manually to our accounts department at the end of the month you've worked. Typically this happens within the first working week of a new month. 

You should submit one invoice for your time and materials ie the days you worked at 80% of your agreed day rate, and a separate invoice for your deliverables payment ie 20% of your day rate, once this has been signed off by the approver at your end client.

Ready. Set. Go.

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