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What's the risk I won't achieve my deliverables?


Susie Lee-Kilgariff

Group Head of Marketing

Our Solutions and Delivery team shape the deliverables at the outset of the engagement, working with the end client to fully understand what service is required and how success will be measured. They are all highly qualified project managers with the skills and knowledge to push back on client requests that we believe are unreasonable or that might set you up to fail.

Your deliverables will be transparent throughout the project, and we'll make sure you are clear on what is needed and are happy it is achievable.

Once your deliverables are agreed, there are regular and timely reviews to make sure you're on track and to highlight any scope creep or contingencies where delays might risk missing milestones. Your Engagement Delivery Manager is available to speak to at any time, and will also have a structured face to face meeting with you every six weeks (or online if you're working remotely.)

He or she will mitigate any issues as early as possible, and liaise between you and the end client if there are any disagreements until a resolution is found. We find this tends to diffuse any awkward situations.

On the rare occasions that a deliverable is not achieved within a given month, it is often completed the following month. This means you would receive payment for that deliverable a month late, which, whilst not ideal, provides solid evidence of your position as an outside IR35 contractor. That's because of the risk/reward element inherent in our model.

Finally, its useful to remember that Stellarmann don't get paid either if deliverables are not met so it's in our interests to make sure both you and the client are happy and clear on expectations.

Ready. Set. Go.

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