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Why am I not being paid everything I'm due on the same day?


Susie Lee-Kilgariff

Group Head of Marketing

If you're expecting to receive payment for the days you've worked in a month (typically 80% of your day rate) plus the amount owed for completing your deliverables (typically 20%), please don't be concerned if both amounts aren't paid to you on the same day. The best place to check what date you can expect payment is our timesheet portal InTime.

The dates that both your time and your deliverables are signed off by the client can align, but it's not uncommon for us to receive that approval on different days. As long as your invoices are approved, they will be paid by the dates you see on the timesheet portal.

Your Engagement Delivery Manager (EDM), portfolio office team and our accounts department work with a one team mentality, making sure your payments are processed asap with no delays.

Ready. Set. Go.

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