Alex Colwell

Alex Colwell
Co-founder and Director

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Alongside his friend Will, Alex is one of the founding directors at Stellarmann and William Alexander.

As well as being responsible for director-y things, he also gets to do all the fun stuff with operations, commercials and contracts.

You’ll never see him happier than when he is on page 58 of a 97 page Master Services Agreement with a further 12 appendices still to look forward to.

Get to know Alex

Greatest joys in life

Reading books, walking my dog and being under, in, on or in very close proximity to water. Ideally in some sort of combination although I’ve found that this is not always entirely practical.

Fancy that

At the after party for our annual company conference, I have an inexplicable desire to attempt to win the fancy dress prize at all costs. Notable previous entries have included ‘Festival Kate Moss’ and the Little Mermaid. Picture evidence is absolutely not available.

Career that got away

In a different life, I would have wanted to be outside all day and surrounded by dogs. But in a good way. Otherwise it could be terrifying.

Ready. Set. Go.

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