Danielle Leggatt

Danielle Leggatt
Operations Director

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Danielle is responsible for all operational and back-office functions outside of finance, making sure we are working efficiently.

She looks to continuously improve our processes to ensure our internal teams can provide a streamlined and pain-free client experience.

She has worked in the recruitment sector for 14 years, starting out as an office administrator. Dan believes any issue can be solved with either a roll of gaffer tape or an excel spreadsheet, and is invariably correct.

Get to know Danielle

Interesting hobby

During the summer, I can often be found swinging a sword on the battlefield or cooking over an open fire, reenacting life and war in the 15th century.

Most inspiring hike

Le Chemin de la Liberté, a 62km secret escape route over the central Pyrenees into northern Spain used by hundreds of Frenchmen and Jews fleeing from their oppressors during the Second World War.

Favourite borrowed Christmas tradition

Jólabókaflóð – an Icelandic Christmas eve tradition of exchanging books then reading them straight away snuggled up with a hot chocolate.

Ready. Set. Go.

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