Shannon Braham

Shannon Braham
Portfolio Office Manager

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Overseeing our entire client portfolio, Shan adeptly manages our systems and paperwork with laser attention to detail.

She creates our Master Service Agreements, SoWs, NDAs and associate contracts, as well as being responsible for data quality and reporting.

Before joining Stellarmann, Shan gained experience in similar roles that saw her dealing with financial rules and regulations as well as consumer rights around debt and credit control. She is basically a fine print whizz.

Get to know Shannon

Claim to fame 1

I met Will Smith and Margot Robbie – true story! I used to blog, which led me to join them in an intimate first watch movie premiere.

Claim to fame 2

I went to Download festival, saw Aerosmith and caught Steve Tyler’s harmonica after he played “I don’t wanna miss a thing” before passing out in a mosh pit.

What I do in my downtime

I am a part time Call of Duty streamer and love all retro gaming, especially Nintendo.

Ready. Set. Go.

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